Roháče is a beautiful mountain range and is part of Western Tatras. It forms the northern border of Liptov region. The main ridge is about 40 km long and covers two-thirds of the state boundary between Slovakia and Poland. The territory of about 380 km2 belongs to the Tatra National Park (TANAP). The highest peaks are Ostrý Roháč and Plačlivé, Volovec, Rakon, Baníkov, Skriniarky, Salatin, Brestova, these make up a typical mountain group with a highly developed glacial forms. The highest two peaks form inseparable pair of slender rocky hills that resemble two Devil's horn, and perhaps this is where the name Roháče orginates from. Tourist center of the nearby village Zuberec, offers possibilities for accommodation. In winter you will find ski slopes - Milotín and Janovky.