• Tripe with onion

  • Salaš ducats

    homemade potato pancakes, sheep cheese

  • Chicken steak with bacon and green beans

    • NEW

    chicken breast, bacon, green beans

  • Salaš delicacy

    homemade potato pancakes, pork meat, ketchup, pepperoni, cheese

  • Three pennies

    chicken breast, pork, potato pancakes, sour cabbage, tatar sauce, cheese

  • Oravská zabíjačka

    sausage, black pudding, roasted pork, sour cabbage 

  • Roasted pork with sour cabbage


  • Segedin goulash with bread dumplings

  • Spicy Hungarian goulash with bread dumplings

  • Peasants plate

    • NEW

    homemade potato pancakes, sheep cheese dumplings and gnocchi

  • Potato pancakes with roasted liver and sauerkraut

    • NEW
  • Roasted smoked pork knee

    smoked pork knee, mustard, pepperoni, horseradish, pickled cucumber, bread