Meat & Fish

  • Ostražica salad

    chicken breast, chinese cabbage, corn, red pepper, yogurt

  • Chicken with steamed vegetables and cream sauce

  • Fried chicken steak

  • Spicy chicken

    chicken breasts, ham, mushrooms, pepperoni

  • Chicken with almonds

    chicken breasts, leek, mushrooms, red peppers, almonds

  • Chicken with broccoli and cheese sauce

  • Fried pork steak

  • Spicy pork steak

    pork, mushrooms, ham, chilli, cheese

  • Pork steak in natural sauce

  • Outlaws meat plate

    pork, sausage, bacon, hot pepper, ketchup

  • Devilish medallions

    pork, mustard, garlic, hot pepper, ketchup

  • Montenegrin steak

    fried pork steak in potato pastry 

  • Shepherd’s stuffed steak

    pork, orava bacon, cheese, onion

  • Fish fillets on butter

  • Roasted trout with butter

  • Fried fish fillets